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News & Articles > 4 Star Review of Cardiac Intensive Care, 3rd Edition

Cardiac Intensive Care, 3rd Edition

By David L. Brown MD

ISBN: 9780323529938

Pub Date: 11 Oct 2018


Reviewed by: David J. Dries, MD (University of Minnesota Medical School)



This is the third edition of a summary book with excellent reviews of pathology, care options, and outcomes for critically ill patients with a cardiac condition.



This edition reflects changes in demographics, an updated understanding of pathophysiology, and changes in treatment. The book was first published in 1998 and last updated in 2010.



Physicians at all levels who care for patients with cardiac conditions will benefit from this book, which originates from leading cardiac care centers in the U.S., with occasional international contributors.



Opening chapters describe the history of the coronary care unit, physical examination, and ethics. Subsequent chapter groups describe normal and abnormal cardiac physiology and management of cardiac problems, beginning with coronary artery disease and its complications, moving on to non-coronary problems and a detailed approach to the pharmacology required to manage cardiac patients. The next group of chapters describes procedures including bedside catheterization, ECMO, and ventricular assist devices. An important concluding chapter describes the evolving role of palliative care. Chapters are clearly written and beautifully illustrated, making excellent use of tables and line drawings. Radiographs also reproduce with excellent resolution. A concise table of contents groups chapters by type of content and attributes authorship. A detailed subject index includes separate citations for figures and tables.



This book remains the flagship in this discipline from Elsevier. The quality of illustrations and overall organization have been retained from the second edition. Changes in disease management over the decade since the previous edition was published are adequately presented. Editorial consistency has also been maintained. Of the major books in this discipline that I have seen, this is the most current and I can easily recommend it.


Doody’s Review Service Weighted Numerical Score: 93 – 4 Stars!

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