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News & Articles > 4 Star Review of Evidence-Based Management of Complex Knee Injuries, 1st Edition

Evidence-Based Management of Complex Knee Injuries, 1st Edition

By Robert F. LaPrade & Jorge Chahla 

ISBN: 9780323713108 

Pub Date: December 17, 2020 

Reviewed by: Mark R. Hutchinson, MD (University of Illinois at Chicago College of Medicine) 


This excellent reference on complex knee injuries represents the foundational research and practice tenets of Dr. Robert LaPrade, one the world’s most respected clinical researchers on complex knee injuries. 


As outlined in the preface, this book walks readers through a myriad of complex knee injuries based first on a critical understanding of anatomy and function gathered from hundreds, if not thousands, of knee dissections and biomechanical testing that has led to a series of carefully designed surgical approaches to reproduce anatomy. Ultimately, the book presents outcomes literature to validate why an anatomic approach to these injuries is both ideal and successful. 


The intended audience includes practicing orthopedic surgeons who will face these challenging injuries in clinical practice, as well as residents and fellows who need to establish a solid understanding and foundation as they progress in training to ultimately tackle or participate in tackling these problems. Dr. LaPrade is the global expert on this topic, while Dr. Chahla is a rising star. Virtually every conference that discusses these issues will reference Dr. LaPrade or use his figures and anatomic drawings. 


The book is efficiently organized by anatomic structure of the knee, including the cruciate ligaments, the collateral ligaments and associated complex anatomy, and menisci. Each chapter and section are founded on understanding normal and pathological anatomy and are supported by the best evidence available for both the exam and reconstruction. The figures, as we have grown to expect from Dr. LaPrade’s work, are exemplary. 


This is an amazing offering from Dr. LaPrade that represents a career’s worth of work in a very efficient book. Dr. LaPrade is the most quoted researcher and clinician on complex knee injuries over the past 25 years. This book provides easy access to the expertise of Dr. LaPrade and Dr. Chahla to anyone who simply opens its pages. A must buy for anyone performing complex knee surgery. 

© Doody’s Review Service, 2021, Mark R. Hutchinson, MD (University of Illinois at Chicago College of Medicine) Doody’s Score: 90 – 4 Stars! 

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