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News & Articles > 4 Star Review of Pediatrics Morning Report: Beyond the Pearls

Pediatrics Morning Report: Beyond the Pearls

By Adler Salazar, MD, Randall Y. Chan, MD and Michelle Pietzak, MD

ISBN: 9780323498258

Pub Date: 06 September 2018

Reviewed by: Joseph Hageman, MD (University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine)


The third in a series of clinically relevant review books, this one uses a morning report format that begins with a one liner about a child with a clinical problem then progresses through an almost conversational discussion of the patient’s presentation, differential diagnosis, and diagnostic evaluation.The book also includes access to the Student Consult website with an online version.


The overall purpose of this well-organized book is educational. In the preface, the authors discuss putting together a clinically based review for every major test that medical students, residents, fellows, and attendings have to take in their training. The objectives are definitely worthy and the material in print and on the website is well organized and well presented. For all of us who have learned and still do learn and review using clinical patient presentations as the base, this book is a wealth of information. It definitely meets the objectives.


The audience includes medical students, residents, fellows, and attending pediatric practitioners. The book definitely meets the needs of this audience.


This is a case-based review presented in conversational style in a “morning report” or morning conference format. It begins with a one liner about each pediatric patient, then continues with the history, physical examination, and initial diagnostic studies. Each step along the way, the discussion is intermixed with clinical and basic science pearls of wisdom. Once the diagnosis is presented, there is a well-organized discussion of the patient’s diagnosis, management, and follow-up. The photos, figures, radiographs and scans, ECGs, etc., are clear and easy to review. The tables and figures are excellent. At the end, a summary and bibliography are provided. Clinical scenarios from neonatology, critical care, endocrinology, GI, etc. are presented. I thoroughly enjoyed reviewing the cases and learned a lot.


This excellent, well-presented series of pediatric cases in a morning report format is meant to be a case-based review for exams for medical students, residents, fellows, and attending pediatric practitioners. I have practiced pediatrics for almost 40 years, and I highly recommend this book.

Doody’s Review Service Weighted Numerical Score: 96- 4 Stars

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