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News & Articles > 5 Star Review of Diagnostic Pathology: Spleen, 2nd Edition

Diagnostic Pathology: Spleen, 2nd Edition

By: Aaron Auerbach & Nadine Aguilera 

ISBN: 9780323830126

Pub Date: March 4, 2022

Reviewed By:  Anna B Owczarczyk, MD, Ph.D. (University of Michigan Medical School)


The second edition of this book is a comprehensive yet concise guide on splenic lesions and their differential diagnoses. The last edition was published in 2014. 


This book’s purpose is to serve as a reference for knowledge on splenic pathology, which is notably missing from most medical textbooks. 


The book is intended for hematopathologists and surgical pathologists, but trainees (medical students and pathology residents) will benefit as well. 


The book is broken down into three sections: histology, function, and development of the spleen; nonneoplastic splenic disorders; and neoplastic splenic disorders. Both the neoplastic and nonneoplastic sections are further broken down into subcategories (e.g., infections, vascular processes, lymphomas, etc.). Each chapter addresses a unique diagnostic entity using easy-to-read bulleted content with the following subheadings: key facts, terminology, etiology/pathogenesis, clinical features, macroscopic features, microscopic features (including immunohistochemistry), ancillary tests (flow cytometry and molecular testing), top differential diagnoses, and diagnostic checklist. Each chapter ends with selected references followed by several pages of images. There are about 2,000 high-quality clinical, histologic, gross, radiologic, and illustrated images, with many useful charts and tables throughout the textbook. While the images are small to medium in size, they are sharply focused with great contrast and color, and are accompanied by clear captions. The index at the end of the book is thorough and easy to use. 


This book has grown since the first edition to maintain its standing as a comprehensive text (including 14 new chapters). Overall, this book provides all the essential knowledge on splenic pathology in one single resource. It is ideal for daily use as a reference but is also an excellent training resource for learners. 

©Doody’s Review Service, 2022, Anna B Owczarczyk, MD, Ph.D. (University of Michigan Medical School)

Doody’s Score: 99 – 5 Stars! 

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