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Warren J. Manning, MD is Section Chief, Non-Invasive Cardiac Imaging, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center; Professor of Medicine and Radiology, Harvard Medical School in Boston. He is a co-author of . MORE

Mark Mannis, MD - Ophthalmology & Cornea Author
Dr. Mannis received his MD from the University of Florida College of Medicine and is currently a Professor and Chair in the Department of Ophthalmology at UC Davis as well as co-author of Cornea, 3rd Edition.

Stephanie Marango, MD, RYT is a physician and educator in bio-energy medicine at New York University. She is a co-author of Netter’s Moving AnatoME: An Interactive Guide to Musculoskeletal Anatomy. MORE

Dr. Marcdante earned an MD from the Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee where she is currently a professor, Vice Chair of Education and Associate Dean of Curriculum. She is also an editor of Nelson Essentials of Pediatrics.
Dr. Markovchick received his MD from Temple University School of Medicine and is currently Professor Emeritus of Emergency Medicine at the University of Colorado, Denver. He is co-author of Emergency Medicine Secrets, 5th Edition.