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Authors > Lionel Opie, MD

Lionel H. Opie, MD, DPhil, DSc, FRCP, is Professor of Medicine and the Director Emeritus of the Hatter Institute for Cardiovascular Research at the University of Cape Town in South Africa. He is a co-author of the best-selling and critically-acclaimed Drugs for the Heart, 8th Edition.

After graduating from the University of Cape Town, Dr. Opie studied at Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar and was later a research fellow at Harvard. He was a visiting professor from 1984-1998 in the Division of Cardiovascular Medicine at Stanford University Medical Center in California.  He became a Life Fellow of the University of Cape Town in 1976, and soon after was president of the International Society for Heart Research. Dr. Opie has also been a visiting research fellow at Merton College, Oxford and the Department of Physiology, University of Oxford.

With Richard Bing, Dr. Opie established the Journal of Cellular and Molecular Cardiology. His major work, Drugs for the Heart, was first published as a series of six articles in The Lancet and is now in its 8th edition.

Dr. Opie is a recipient of the highest Presidential award in South Africa, The Order of Mapungubwe, for national and international contributions to cardiology.

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