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Authors > Sebastian Brandner, MD

Sebastian Brandner, MD is Chair of Neuropathology in the Division of Neuropathology and Department of Neurodegenerative Disease in the Institute of Neurology at University College London. He is a co-author of Neuropathology, 3rd Edition.

Dr. Brandner started his research career during medical school in Göttingen, at the Max Planck Institute of Biophysical Chemistry with Professor Creutzfeldt, where he studied the projection of the thalamocortical auditory system in the cat, resulting in several research publications as first author. During his postgraduate training in neuropathology, he joined the Institute of Neuropathology in Zurich, where he started his research on prion disease, resulting in seminal publications in Nature and PNAS.

After qualifying as a Consultant Neuropathologist in 1998, Dr. Brandner established his own research group and developed mouse models to study neural development and brain tumors. In 2004, he was appointed as Chair of Neuropathology and Head of the Division of Neuropathology at Queen Square, one of the largest academic neuropathology departments in the UK.

At the MRC Prion Unit and the Institute of Neurology, Dr. Brandner integrated clinical neuropathology with experimental models on neurodegenerative diseases including prion diseases, which still remain a strong focus in his highly collaborative research. He is an expert on the pathology of both human and experimental models of prion disease worldwide and he maintains a close collaboration with the MRC Prion Unit and the National Prion Clinic at the National Hospital, Queen Square.

Dr. Brandner contributes to brain cancer research in his role as council member of the British Neuro-oncology Society.

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