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This book is an introduction to electromyography (EMG) designed for trainees. It covers the purpose of the test, how to perform different elements of the test, and various diagnoses encountered. It also includes a section on billing and coding. It is available as an ebook that can be downloaded as a reference, which includes video clips for enhanced learning. This third edition book is an update to the second edition, which was published in 2015. MORE

This case-based book covers virtually all topics on the main pathologies affecting the vertebral column and the spinal cord. The cases include a detailed description of the history and presentation, relevant imaging findings, and supplementary tests, as well as an introduction on the topic at hand and a comprehensive review and discussion to follow. Most importantly, the book reviews and highlights different points of view from global experts in the field in a table format for easy comparison. The digital version also offers an easy-to-use platform with high-quality complementary images and discussion. MORE

This book is a broad and well-balanced exploration of airway management, covering basic sciences, preoperative evaluation and planning, intraoperative techniques, troubleshooting, postoperative considerations, and macro considerations at a healthcare systems level. This fifth edition book is an update to the previous version, which was published in 2017, and includes new chapters on combination techniques in airway management and human factor considerations in the field. It also offers perspectives from the COVID-19 pandemic and includes new lists of key points that precede each chapter. The print copy comes with an online ebook subscription and numerous videos demonstrating airway management techniques. MORE

This single-volume, third-edition book is an update to the previous version, which was published in 2016. The book has been updated to include changes introduced in the fifth edition of the WHO Classification of Tumors of the Central Nervous System (CNS), such as new molecular classifications. MORE