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This skin pathology book contains excellent, intuitive diagnostic decision diagrams based on characteristic morphology seen under the microscope. The color histologic photos are accompanied by color clinical photos to enhance understanding. MORE

This book is a learning resource for those interested in neurology, or on rotation in neurology. The layout and design of the book make it a quick and easy read to understand the different concepts and diseases seen in the field. MORE

This book is a comprehensive text covering neonatal physiology and the pathophysiology of neonatal disorders. The paper copy is accompanied by an ebook, which is similar in content, with the addition of several videos and links to references. This 11th edition is an update to the previous version, which was published in 2018. MORE

This book addresses palliative care in radiation oncology from a multi-dimensional perspective and includes an eBook component. The website resources provide quick links to cited references but offer limited additional features beyond the convenience of expanded access to the book. MORE