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This is a well-presented crash course in pediatrics for undergraduate medical students in the U.K. I found it easy to read and review, with the hints and tips, red flags, features, and chapter summaries being especially helpful. The ebook is easy to navigate and the hyperlinks provide ready access to additional references. MORE

Overall, this is a valuable reference that can be used by anyone in the cardiology community to learn about various pediatric cardiac diseases. The illustrations supplement the text and enhance readers’ understanding. I would recommend that every cardiologist add this book to their library of references. MORE

This is a wonderful book targeting cuff and biceps tendon issues from the key thought leaders and leading technical experts in the field. Drs. Provencher, Romeo, Cole, and Boileau have brought together an impressive group of contributors who have done a marvelous job of providing a comprehensive book targeting all facets of rotator cuff and biceps tendon problems. MORE

This is an excellent resource for pathologists who are interested or involved in soft tissue pathology. It is comprehensive and essentially covers any mass forming mesenchymal cell proliferation. Furthermore, pathologists (and residents) who only occasionally encounter soft tissue tumors will appreciate the high-yield and practical advice on approaching these tumors in the gross room. MORE