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While ECMO continues to grow throughout the world, saving more and more lives, there also seems to be a widening gap between experienced practitioners and those that care for these patients less frequently. I’ve found that this gap can lead to the care of patients on ECMO being viewed as unapproachable on one extreme and overly dogmatic on the other extreme. I wanted to write a book that could break down the rationale and mechanism of ECMO into accessible and understandable terms that could form a foundation for approaching these patients. MORE

It is a comprehensive book with expert authors and clear practical writing and images. This publication provides readers with advice from experts on many of the most challenging differential diagnostic quandaries in the practice of surgical pathology. MORE

The 1st edition was really done for Saunders years ago. Publication then switches to Elsevier. The current rendition represents a complete overall of every aspect of urologic knowledge included in the text. The text was meant to be factual but also to represent the philosophy of the authors of the various chapters, all chosen with care for their expertise. MORE


This is the first edition of our book. We hope to publish subsequent editions with updates in content as more is discovered. MORE