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Dr. Iannotti: We added new content and updated the concepts for all three volumes of the musculoskeletal series from the previous edition: new text and visual supporting materials. MORE

The newest edition includes many of the modern cardiac imaging modalities, many of which didn’t exist when the previous edition was published. MORE

Interview with Joe Niamtu, DMD, FAACS, Medical Director Why did you feel that it was important to write a book on this topic? What does The Art and Science of Facelift Surgery, 2nd Edition add to the field?  My first textbook entitled cosmetic facial surgery is now in its third edition and has one of theMORE

Since the previous edition, we have added two chapters: Chapter 6 Intracranial monitoring and Chapter 8 Quantitative EEG. We have updated all nomenclature to adhere to the most current guidelines, and we have made the video library and the question-and-answer section (which is online material) more extensive and more fun. MORE