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Debra L. Beck, MSc, and Eugene Braunwald, MD About 47% of women with stage I or II breast cancer received radiation therapy (RT). However, RT increases the risk of coronary artery disease (CAD), with those treated for a left-sided breast cancer receiving greater heart radiation than those treated for a right-sided breast cancer.   Carlson et al sought to assessMORE

Jack Gladstein: This is the first text on pediatric headache that gears each chapter to both primary care and specialists. It focuses a lot on empowering families and offers practical solutions and best practices. Christina Szperka: Children with chronic headache diseases have substantial disability, but migraine, the most common disabling primary headache disorder, is underdiagnosed and undertreated. We wanted to increase awareness and provide a reference for patients and their parents, primary care clinicians, and specialists who care for kids with headache. MORE

Interview with Julian L Seifter, MD, David E Sloane, MD, EdM, and Elisa Walsh Why did you feel that it was important to write Integrated Physiology and Pathophysiology? What does your publication add to the field?  We felt that a book dedicated to physiology and pathophysiology would be helpful for medical and dental students, as this text has significant contributions from students who recentlyMORE
Interview with Virginia T. Lyons, Ph.D Why did you feel that it was important to write Netter’s Essential Systems-Based Anatomy? What does your publication add to the field?   Many health professions schools utilize an organ systems-based approach for some or all of their preclinical curriculum, however most resources for anatomy education are presented in a regional format.  IMORE