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Dr. Fahn is the founding director of the Dystonia Clinical Research Center at Columbia and is currently a professor of neurology. He is the author of Principles and Practice of Movement Disorders, 2nd Edition.
Dr. Falcone holds an MD from McGill University, Montreal and is currently a professor & chairman of the OB/GYN Department at Case Western Reserve University. He is co-editor of Basic, Advanced, and Robotic Laparoscopic Surgery.
Dr. Fanaroff earned his MD from the Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine where he is currently a pediatrics professor as well as lead author of Klaus and Fanaroff's Care of the High-Risk Neonate, 6th Edition.
Dr. Fanaroff was professor and Chair of the Department of Pediatrics and Reproductive Biology at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine as well as editor of Fanaroff and Martin’s Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine.
Dr. Fatterpekar received his MD from Seth GS Medical College in Mumbai, India and is currently an associate radiology professor at the NYU Langone Medical Center in New York. He is author of the texts, Brain and Spine & Head and Neck Imaging.