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Surgical Clinics is proud to announce the December 2018 publication of a comprehensive volume on Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS). ERAS is a set of protocols used by the surgical team to help ensure a patient has the best possible outcome from their surgery, and ERAS programs have been shown to be more safe and effective relative to traditional care. MORE

Advances in Molecular Pathology provides readers with an in-depth review of the latest clinical advancements in seven subspecialty areas, which are Genetics, Hematopathology, Infectious Disease, Pharmacogenomics, Informatics, Solid Tumors, and Identity/HLA. MORE

Simulation in Acute Neurology is the very first book on simulating acute and potentially life threatening neurologic diseases in a simulation center. This book emerges from our newly established program training residents and fellows of all stripes who generally have little experience in managing these quickly overwhelming disorders. The book is based on the major premise that it matters less if the neurology part is played well or appears real on a manikin. MORE

Elsevier author, Dr. Nilam Soni donated copies of his book to the Alma Mater Hospital in Gros Morne, Haiti for use in their point-of-care ultrasound training program. The average life expectancy in Haiti is only 44 years, as most Haitians lack access to proper medical care and many providers lack the necessary resources to make proper diagnoses. MORE