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The importance of a thorough and effective clinical interview in psychiatry is indisputable. With no reliable biological tests for the majority of psychiatric illnesses, an interview remains the key diagnostic tool. However, the utility of a psychiatric interview goes well beyond a simple survey of signs, symptoms, and historical events that would culminate in the generation of a differential diagnosis and treatment plan. For many patients, the initial interview can be a test drive of the field in general and their provider in particular and, if done well, can forge a trusting bond essential for future engagement in treatment… MORE

This second edition is not just a rewrite, it is a complete overhaul with algorithms for reconstruction, the relevant surgical anatomy necessary for the procedure, approaches to handling the defects, and management protocols. The book covers ways to monitor the flaps to yield optimal survival and advice on how to avoid complications. New topics in this edition include fat grafting, robotics, tissue engineering, and lymphedema surgery. The writing is excellent, the illustrations by Frank Netter and others lifelike, and the vast array of color photographs splendid… MORE

This is an outstanding book that uses the extraordinary Netter images that medicine has relied upon for decades to provide an overview of many of the common procedures encountered in medical practice… MORE

This is a lavishly illustrated and comprehensive review of abdominal wall hernias and various approaches to the surgical management of these hernias. The book is well written and is easy to browse. The associated web resources significantly enhance the value of the book… MORE