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News & Articles > 4 Star Review for Rapid Review Pathology, 5th Edition

Rapid Review Pathology, 5th Edition

By Edward F. Goljan, MD

ISBN: 9780323476683

Pub Date: 3/1/2018


Reviewed by: Anamarija M. Perry, MD (University of Michigan Medical School)



This fifth edition of a review of general and organ-based pathology has been extensively revised with updated information on all disease processes. The previous edition was published in 2014.



The purpose is to help medical students prepare for standardized exams by providing a condensed review of general and organ-based pathology.



The book is written primarily for medical students.



For this edition, the author has summarized important anatomy, histology, and/or embryology in overview sections at the beginning of several chapters. Additional photographs have been added, with more than 1,100 figures overall in the book. Thousands of Margin Notes that briefly summarize important facts are also new. The first of the book’s 26 chapters discusses diagnostic testing in pathology, including (among other things) basic statistical concepts and variables affecting selected laboratory tests (such as hemoglobin concentration for example). The next eight chapters discuss general pathology topics, while the remainder of the book is dedicated to organ-based pathology. The book also features an appendix with formulas for calculations of acid-base disorders and a fairly comprehensive index. Each chapter is packed with information, including a summary of key concepts and the most important features of different diseases. For better understanding, there are multiple gross and microscopic images and radiographs, as well as graphs, schematics, and useful tables. The quality of most images is very good. Some microscopic images are not well white-balanced and this could be improved in the next edition.



This book remains very popular among medical students who are preparing for the boards. Dr. Goljan is a seasoned educator in pathology and a very talented writer of board review books. This is not a book for first time pathology learners, but rather a review of the most important features of different entities with excellent and very helpful images. Even though the book is called Rapid Review, there are over 800 pages of dense text, plus the additional material online. Students can rest assured that all important (and less important) topics in pathology have been covered. Newly added Margin Notes are also very helpful as a quick review of key facts. Without a doubt, this book will continue to be one of the must-haves for board preparation.


Doody’s Review Service Weighted Numerical Score: 93 — 4 Stars!

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