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News & Articles > 4 Star Review for Specialty Imaging: HRCT of the Lung

Specialty Imaging: HRCT of the Lung

By Santiago Martínez-Jiménez, MD, Melissa L. Rosado-de-Christenson, MD, FACR and Brett W. Carter, MD

ISBN: 978-0-323-24134-2

Pub Date: 5/12/2017


Reviewed by: Nikhil Madhuripan, MD (Baystate Medical Center)



Part of the Specialty Imaging series, this is an update of a book on high-resolution CT (HRCT) of the lung that was first published in 2009. This edition includes access to an online version that was not available at the time of review.



It is intended as a comprehensive review of HRCT imaging findings for lung pathologies. Depending on the type of practice, the use of and experience with HRCT varies and this book serves as a valuable resource to fill that knowledge gap.



The audience includes resident and attending radiologists, as well as pulmonary specialists seeking expertise in this niche. The book adequately meets the needs of the intended audience with comprehensive coverage of the subject.



The book covers the whole spectrum of diseases of the chest imaged HRCT. The coverage of interstitial lung diseases is particularly excellent. Plentiful illustrations accompany the text, as is necessary for a subject of this nature. It is notable that the book pays good attention to differential diagnoses for each condition, as well as differentiating factors to weigh each of them, which is of direct value in day-to-day clinical practice. There is some repetition of facts due to the nature of the book, which bulleted and subdivided for quick reference.



This new edition is a valuable update of its predecessor, and an excellent addition to the field. This is a great resource for both reference and complete review.


Doody’s Review Service Weighted Numerical Score: 92 – 4 Stars!

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  • Amal
    December 5, 2018 at 8:24 pm

    The best in HRCT if the lung yet, comprehensive source that fully supported by images and updateded checkpoints you need to clearly understand the imaging findins and correlation with histopathology findings that increases your confidence in approching the daily cases in chest.

    Highly recommended for all radiologist in all level of expertises especially radiologist who are interested in chest imaging