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News & Articles > 4 Star Review of Braddom’s Rehabilitation Care: A Clinical Handbook

Braddom’s Rehabilitation Care: A Clinical Handbook

By David X. Cifu, MD and Henry L. Lew, MD, PhD

ISBN: 9780323479042

Pub Date: 28 June 2017


Reviewed by: Daniel A Goodman, MD, MS (Shirley Ryan AbilityLab)



This clinical handbook contains information abstracted from the comprehensive Braddom’s Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, 5th edition by Cifu .



This handbook serves as a practical guide for trainees and practitioners. This resource compiles key elements from across the comprehensive field of rehabilitation medicine in a compact form that also provides supplemental online slides and video content.



The audience is trainees and practitioners in the field of rehabilitation medicine.



Sections are arranged in a logical format that include evaluation, treatment techniques and special equipment, common clinical problems, and issues in specific diagnoses. Chapters are delineated by color headers and include a summary or conclusion followed by clinical pearls. There is no bibliography or images, to maintain the compact and usable format, but these are available through online access.



This is effective as a handbook for trainees and professionals in the field of rehabilitation medicine. It is in a compact format that is well organized and provides supplemental online material.


Doody’s Review Service Weighted Numerical Score: 94 – 4 Stars!

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