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News & Articles > 4-Star Review of Clinical Handbook of Nephrology, 1st Edition

Clinical Handbook of Nephrology, 1st Edition

By: Robert Stephen Brown, M.D.

ISBN: 9780323847872

Pub Date: July 31, 2023

Reviewed By: Lawrence R Butros, MD (University of Kentucky)


This book is a general overview of clinical nephrology published as an updated version of Nephrology Pocket, Goldfarb-Rumyantzev, and Brown (Borm Bruckmeier Publishing, 2014), a textbook for diagnosing and treating renal disorders.


This book aims to provide a broad range of clinicians with a guide to diagnosing and treating kidney disorders. Its basis is the data nephrologists use to evaluate and treat common disorders, written in a digestible and organized manner for the general medical practitioner. The book’s formatting makes it useful for practicing in both inpatient and outpatient settings.


The book is a reference guide for practitioners who typically do not take care of patients with kidney disease. Each section is both thorough and concise, providing useful information for each diagnosis and references for those seeking additional knowledge.


The book consists of 16 chapters. Each chapter contains various subsections consisting of brief text or bullet points regarding the topic. The text includes many graphs, flowcharts, and tables contributing to each section. The topics covered include renal physiology, fluid management, acute kidney injury and disease, and chronic and end-stage kidney disease. Notable chapters include acid-base disorders, hypertension, kidney transplantation, and lab values for nephrology.


The book is a thorough reference guide for the non-nephrologist provider treating a patient for acute and chronic renal disease. Each chapter provides batches of high-yield information, usually paired with a relevant table and chapters are well organized. In total the content is thorough and effectively covers all relevant topics within and adjacent to nephrology. The information is clear and avoids the use of complex jargon and is mindful of its audience.

It reads with the ease of a study guide containing the information density of a textbook. The language is simple and reads very easily for content which may otherwise be considered daunting. The frequent use of tables and flowcharts organizes information in a more understandable manner. I would recommend this text to practitioners who seek an efficient resource for managing patients with any degree of kidney disease.

©Doody’s Review Service, 2024, Lawrence R Butros, MD (University of Kentucky), Doody’s Score: 93 – 4 Stars!

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