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News & Articles > 4 Star Review of Ferri’s Clinical Advisor 2022

Ferri’s Clinical Advisor 2022

By: Ferri, Fred F., MD, FACP 

ISBN: 9780323755702

Pub Date: June 24, 2021

Reviewed By: Vincent F Carr, DO, MSA, FACC, FACP(Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences) 


This is the 2022 annual update of the Ferri’s “5 books in 1” desk reference. 


The purpose of the book is to serve as an easy-to-use reference of clinical information that provides practical guidance for patient management. 


This highly inclusive reference is for all clinicians. It is a ready bank of knowledge in one book for situations and clinical scenarios not commonly encountered, such as poisonings or impairment/disability questions. 


The book is divided into five sections, or “books.” The first section includes an alphabetical listing of medical diagnoses and disorders with bullet points of basic terminology concerning the disorder, followed by epidemiology and presentation, typical physical findings, differential diagnoses, laboratory and imaging workups, treatment, and “pearls” for each disorder. There are multiple images, algorithms, figures, tables, and, where applicable, ICD-10 codes. The second section provides lists of differential diagnoses as a quick memory aid. 

Each list includes the most likely differential and the ICD-10 codes to be considered. Section 3 is a compendium of algorithms with characteristic images, figures, and tables as quick references. Section 4 is comprised of laboratory tests and interpretation of results. The tests are listed alphabetically to serve as a ready reference for interpretation consisting of tables, algorithms, and graphs. The last section consists of clinical guidelines, inclusive through 2021, with corresponding tables that detail specifics of each guideline. The sections are followed by appendices that include complementary and alternative medicine, nutrition, acute poisoning, impairment and disability issues, protection of travelers, care of the transgender patient, patient teaching guides, palliative care, and pre-operative evaluation. 


This is one of the best comprehensive desk references available. It covers an extraordinarily wide range of subjects, from commonly encountered situations to those requiring research only rarely. 

©Doody’s Review Service, 2022, Vincent F Carr, DO, MSA, FACC, FACP (Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences)

Doody’s Score: 90 – 4 Stars! 

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