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News & Articles > 4-Star Review of Manual of Splinting and Casting, 2nd Edition

Manual of Splinting and Casting, 2nd Edition

By: Stephen R. Thompson, and Dan Zlotolow 

ISBN: 9780323878296 

Publication Date: July 31, 2023 

Reviewer: Joey Brutzkus, MD (University of Illinois at Chicago College of Medicine) 


This book covers all necessary information for initial fracture management including analgesia, reduction techniques, splinting, and casting techniques. The use of bulleted lists, summaries, and detailed descriptions of techniques is concise and easy to understand. There is an accompanying eBook for easy electronic access. This is the second edition, published 10 years after the first edition. 


This book serves as an easily understandable reference resource for practitioners who take care of acute fractures and joint dislocations. The book reviews the essential components of acute fracture and dislocation management as well as tips and pearls gleaned from the authors’ years of experience. This is a necessary reference book given the common occurrence of these injuries and the potential harm to patients if not treated effectively.  The book meets its stated objectives very well due to its thoroughness and conciseness in covering the source material. 


This book is appropriate for students, resident physicians, and practitioners responsible for acute fracture and dislocation management. It is especially useful for orthopedic specialists, urgent care, and emergency medicine practitioners. This book meets the needs of this audience quite well. Their credentials and years of experience in the field make the authors credible authorities on this topic. 


This book provides a thorough overview of acute fracture and dislocation management, including analgesia, reduction techniques, casting and splinting techniques, and traction principles. The description of casting and splinting techniques with the addition of pearls and pitfalls is very well done. The bulleted listing provides the reader with a simple but effective way of consuming the source material. There are also multiple images to go along with the descriptions. The section on analgesia uses only anatomic landmarks when discussing injection technique and there is no mention of using ultrasound guidance to assist with safety and localization of anatomic structures. 


Overall, this is a high-quality reference for casting and splinting techniques and associated procedures involved in the care of acute fractures and dislocations. It is very useful for the intended audience and is appropriate for all levels of readers. It is a great resource for orthopedic specialists, sports medicine practitioners, or practitioners addressing acute musculoskeletal conditions. The book relies on anatomic-guided injections and does not make mention or use of ultrasound-guided injection techniques. The second edition is an upgrade from the first edition as it includes the authors’ clinical wisdom accrued over their years of experience. 

©Doody’s Review Service, Joey Brutzkus, MD (University of Illinois at Chicago College of Medicine), 2024, Doody’s Score: 96 – 4 Stars! 

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