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News & Articles > 5 Star Review of Atopic Dermatitis: Inside Out or Outside In, 1st Edition

Atopic Dermatitis: Inside Out or Outside In, 1st Edition

By: Lawrence S. Chan, M.D. & Vivian Y. Shi, M.D.

ISBN: 9780323847445

Pub Date: April 24, 2022

Reviewed By:  Patricia Wong, MD (Private Practice)


This is a critique and summary of recent studies on treating atopic dermatitis and the current state of knowledge regarding its pathogenesis. 


The purpose of the book is to provide useful, comprehensive information on atopic dermatitis for clinicians treating patients with this disease. 


The audience is physicians caring for atopic patients. 


The book is well organized and logically explains the immunologic dysfunctions and genetic defects that contribute to atopic dermatitis. In addition, environmental triggers, microbiome imbalances, and factors that damage the epidermal barrier are discussed in detail. The studies supporting the current theories for the cause are carefully dissected and explained. Key points are emphasized in shaded boxes at the beginning of each chapter. The bibliographies at the end of chapters are extensive. There is an excellent glossary at the end of the book that defines medical terms. The final chapter delves into complementary alternative therapies and studies that prove/disprove making such recommendations. 


The progress that has been made in treating atopic dermatitis has been exciting and life changing for patients. This book allows readers to stay updated and replace older references on the subject. 

©Doody’s Review Service, 2022, Patricia Wong, MD (Private Practice)

Doody’s Score: 92 – 4 Stars!

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