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News & Articles > 5 Star Review of Diagnostic Pathology: Normal Histology, 2nd Edition

Diagnostic Pathology: Normal Histology, 2nd Edition

By Matthew R. Lindberg, MD

ISBN: 9780323548038

Pub Date: 01 Sep 2017


Reviewed by: Kyle Perry, MD (Henry Ford Health Systems)




This is the second edition of a book that describes the normal histology of the organ systems. The first edition was published in 2013.



The primary purpose is to present the background histological features of each organ system in the body. Additionally, the authors cover common histological artifacts, pitfalls, and mimics associated with each anatomic site.



The book is written for practicing pathologists and pathology residents. Clinicians or research scientists who seek to understand the histology of a particular type of tissue or body site also would find this reference to be of value.



The first chapter addresses the basic components of the cell and types of cells found in the human body. It further describes the techniques used to characterize the cells, along with their associated pitfalls and limitations.


The remainder of the book is divided by systems, in which every tissue type is discussed by outlining the microscopic anatomy and its associated pitfalls and artifacts. These body systems include integument, musculoskeletal system, circulatory system, nervous system, hematopoietic, head and neck, respiratory system, breast, tubular gut, hepatobiliary tract and pancreas, genitourinary and male genital tract, female genital tract, and endocrine system.



This is an excellent second edition and welcome contribution to the outstanding Diagnostic Pathology series. In some ways, the title is misleading as the book goes well beyond simply describing the histological features of various tissue types. It covers staining, processing, and cutting artifacts as well as the general terminology that pathologists use when discussing a biopsy or resection in a particular organ site. For this reason, junior residents would find this book to be of particular value. The account of various histological oddities will also be of value for seasoned pathologists. For these reasons, this book will make a valuable addition to a personal or departmental library.


Doody’s Review Service Weighted Numerical Score: 97 – 5 Stars!

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