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News & Articles > 5 Star Review of Easy EMG: A Guide to Performing Nerve Conduction Studies and Electromyography, 3rd Edition 

EMG: A Guide to Performing Nerve Conduction Studies and Electromyography, 3rd Edition

By: Lyn D. Weiss, Jay M. Weiss, & Julie K. Silver 

ISBN: 9780323796866 

Publication Date: March 25, 2022 

REVIEWER: Vivian C Roy, MD (Shirley Ryan AbilityLab) 


This book is an introduction to electromyography (EMG) designed for trainees. It covers the purpose of the test, how to perform different elements of the test, and various diagnoses encountered. It also includes a section on billing and coding. It is available as an ebook that can be downloaded as a reference, which includes video clips for enhanced learning. This third edition book is an update to the second edition, which was published in 2015. 


The purpose of the book is to introduce the learner to the EMG study. Learning to perform EMG can be daunting and oftentimes has a steep learning curve. This book offers a succinct and practical guide meant to serve as a foundation for learners. The print and online formats are both useful since the print format is easily carried in a pocket so that it is readily accessible. The online format includes video clips which provide added illustrations and help to enhance understanding of concepts. 


The audience includes neurology, physical medicine, and rehabilitation residents and fellows looking to learn about EMGs. The book is useful to those in the beginning stages of training. The authors are established leaders in the field of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. 


The book provides a succinct overview of the different aspects of the electrodiagnostic study. It is organized logically, although learners can choose to read the chapters in sequential order or look up a particular section instead. The graphics and tables are useful tools to illustrate concepts. The book includes a section on writing EMG reports and a brief section on reimbursement, both of which are practical and not routinely covered in other texts. 


This book is a welcome addition to the EMG curriculum. Other texts such as Electromyography and Neuromuscular Disorders, 4th Edition, Preston and Shapiro (Elsevier, 2020) are more comprehensive, but also bulky, whereas this text is a succinct introduction to EMG that is easily carried and accessible. The online resources take its portability to another level, with features that maximize learning. 

©Doody’s Review Service, 2023, Vivian C Roy, MD (Shirley Ryan AbilityLab): Doody’s Score: 97 – 5 Stars!  

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