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News & Articles > 5 Star Review of Unicompartmental Knee Arthroplasty, 1st Edition

Unicompartmental Knee Arthroplasty, 1st Edition

By: Richard D. Scott & Vivek Shah

ISBN: 9780323790109

Pub Date: May 5, 2022 

Reviewed By:  Samuel J. Chmell, MD (University of Illinois at Chicago College of Medicine)


This title, in print and electronic format, succinctly describes every aspect of unicompartmental knee arthroplasty (UKA). Focused information is provided in bulleted summaries. The enhanced digital version allows access to additional material. 


The purpose of the book is to provide readers with the available background of this ever-evolving operation and provide a basis for further improvements regarding UKA. This worthy objective is fulfilled. The online format adds value with its diagrams and rapid availability on a smart phone. 


This book is written for “the knee arthroplasty surgeons of the past who have shown that UKA is a viable and successful alternative to total knee arthroplasty in selected patients, and the arthroplasty surgeons of the present and the future who will continue to utilize and perfect prosthetic components and surgical technique.” The needs of this audience are well met.  Dr. Scott is one the most recognized and accomplished surgeons and credible authorities in the world with regard to UKA. 


The book covers the history and evolution of UKA over a 50+ year period, during which Dr. Scott has played a key role. It emphasizes the critical role of patient selection and meticulous operative technique, and details results of UKA and reasons for failure. There is an up-to-date dissertation of various prosthetic designs. Improvements in the results of revision of total knee arthroplasty are documented. 


This is the most definitive and authoritative publication dedicated to UKA. It maintains Dr. Scott’s emphasis on adherence to stringent patient selection criteria that has allowed this operation to persist, succeed, and continue to improve. This book is an essential addition to medical libraries, which will be frequented by knee arthroplasty surgeons, fellows, and residents. 

©Doody’s Review Service, 2022, Samuel J. Chmell, MD (University of Illinois at Chicago College of Medicine)

Doody’s Score: 100 – 5 Stars!

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