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News & Articles > 4 Star Review for Diagnostic Pathology: Pediatric Neoplasms, 2nd Edition

Diagnostic Pathology: Pediatric Neoplasms, 2nd Edition

By Angelica R. Putnam, MD

ISBN: 9780323548069

Pub Date: 1/24/2018


Reviewed by: Sarah L P Rooney, BA, MD (University of Michigan Medical School)



Pediatric neoplasms are neatly organized by body systems using an outline-style format that makes this second edition of an up-to-date, comprehensive resource an excellent reference. The previous edition was published in 2012.



The aim is to provide a comprehensive book on pediatric neoplasms for practicing pathologists and pathology trainees. Because it is organized by organ systems, it can be used as a desk reference, but it is also comprehensive, so that it can be used to round out one’s knowledge of pediatric neoplasms.



In addition to the primary audience of practicing pathologists and pathology trainees, pediatric oncologists and clinical fellows also will find this book useful. It is written by world-renowned experts in the field from multiple countries.



Each of the 15 chapters is dedicated to an organ system. Benign, borderline, and primary malignant neoplasms are discussed in succinct, bulleted text.


Diagnostic entities begin with a box of key facts that are then fleshed out in the subsequent text, which includes terminology, etiology, clinical issues, gross and microscopic findings, and differential diagnoses. Following the text numerous annotated images point out key diagnostic features. Updates since the last edition include clinical, pathological, histological, and molecular developments with a note that the online content will be updated in the interim between editions.



Like the previous edition, this update is a comprehensive yet succinct resource on pediatric neoplasms. As a trainee, I love the quick-reference, outline-style format. I can easily flip to a page, read key facts, scan the differential, and check out the photos to see what I want to know. I use this while previewing and I take it home to review and study. I will use this book through the rest of my training to make the correct diagnosis and learn relevant differential considerations and keep it near my scope when practicing in the future. This second edition is necessary to account for the rapidly developing field of pediatric pathology and the online content will keep me updated as the field continues to evolve.


Doody’s Review Service Weighted Numerical Score: 94 – 4 Stars!

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