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News & Articles > Dr. Barry Mann: Competencies and the Effective Clinician

Dr. Barry Mann: Competencies and the Effective Clinician

Dr. Barry Mann - Elsevier Author

Complimentary Webinar
Competencies and the Effective Clinician
April 30, 2013 – 5:00 pm EST

Join Dr. Barry Mann, editor of the Competency-Based Companion Series, and a panel of other distinguished clinicians* for a Webinar on ACGME competencies and powerful new resources on how to approach the CORE competencies.

What You Will Learn

See how Elsevier’s Competency-Based Companion Series systematically walks through cases, developing the process of how to approach problems.

  • How to approach clinical problems using the ACGME core competencies.
  • How to hone in on the high-yield core knowledge and must-know information you need through exploration of actual cases
  • Why mastering ACGME core competencies integrates evidence-based medicine, continual self-assessment and cognizance of interpersonal skills into your daily routines.

Who Should Attend
Medical students, residents, resident directors, faculty and clinicians responsible for working to implement and understand the ACGME guidelines.

*Distinguished Panel Clinicians & Authors: Jessica L. Israel, MD; Alan R. Tunkel, MD, PhD, MACP; Maureen C. McMahon, MD; Glenn R. Stryjewski, MD, MPH