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News & Articles > Dr. Soni’s “Point of Care Ultrasound” educating providers in Project Haiti training program

Elsevier author, Dr. Nilam Soni donated copies of his book Point of Care Ultrasound, 1st Edition to the Alma Mater Hospital in Gros Morne, Haiti for use in their point-of-care ultrasound training program. The average life expectancy in Haiti is only 44 years, as most Haitians lack access to proper medical care and many providers lack the necessary resources to make proper diagnoses.



Project Haiti is run by, a new nonprofit started by premed students at Caltech who want to facilitate point-of-care technology and instruction in resource limited countries. Their goal is to “train the next generation of doctors with innovative, effective, and affordable medical devices to make a lasting impact in these communities.”



Project Haiti will be training twelve Haitian providers over a four-month period, who will then be able to educate other physicians in the region. They are provided with Dr. Nilam Soni’s book Point of Care Ultrasound, 1st Edition, a SonoSim device, and accompanying lectures. Philips Lumify point-of-care-ultrasound devices have also been donated to leave with the physicians to use. Physicians from the US, Norway and Sweden are participating in the program and focus on hands on scanning instruction in the wards during their visits.


About Atria Connect

Atria Connect provides low-income communities with point-of-care medical devices, connects them with healthcare professionals around the world, and provides a continuity of care through frequent physician trips.

Learn more or donate to the project here.

Watch a video on the Haiti Project.


About Point of Care Ultrasound, 1st Edition

Point-of-Care Ultrasound is a resource for any physician or health care practitioner looking to further their knowledge and skills in point-of-care ultrasound. This comprehensive, portable handbook offers an easy-access format that combines electronic content and peer-reviewed videos to provide comprehensive, non-specialty-specific guidance on this ever-evolving technology.

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