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News & Articles > Elsevier is Hosting Insight Series Webinar: Competencies and the Effective Physician

Don’t miss out! Editor of the Competency-Based Companion series, Dr. Barry Mann, along with several other distinguished physicians and educators, will be discussing a new resource and approaches to clinical problems using the ACGME competencies. During this roundtable discussion, you will walk through actual cases to learn techniques on how to identify high-yield core knowledge and must-know information.

If you are a resident, faculty member, medical student, residency director or a clinician working to implement and understand the ACGME guidelines, you should be in attendance!

Mark your calendars – the Insight Series Webinar is April 30th at 5pm EST. Those that attend are eligible to win a Competency-Based Companion of their choice! Register for the Insight Series Webinar here.

Learn more about the authors and roundtable presenters:

Medicine: A Competency-Based Companion: Jessica L. Israel, MDAllan R. Tunkel, MD, PhD, MACP

Obstetrics and Gynecology: A Competency-Based Companion: Michael Belden, MD

Pediatrics: A Competency-Based Companion: Maureen C. McMahon, MDGlenn R. Stryjewski, MD, MPH

Surgery A Competency-Based Companion: Barry D. Mann, MD, FACS

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