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Elsevier’s Office of Continuing Medical Education partnered up with AcademicCME and ArcheMedX to bring you the new! It’s an all-new resource that connects the entire multidisciplinary team to reduce mortality and improve healthcare outcomes for patients with thromboembolic disease.

“Clinicians face a daily challenge to stay up to date with new and emerging best practices. The all-new Thrombosis Clinic will introduce new resources and new types of connected learning tools clinicians need to streamline their information gathering and support practical, lifelong learning.”

Learner Features

  • Engage in formal and informal learning activities
  • Connect and learn from faculty and colleagues in small, trusted learning cohorts
  • Take notes in real-time, from within the lesson and synched to the educational content
  • Receive personalized reminders via email or text message
  • Search for and filter related content: news, journals, and supporting material
  • Track activity in personal learning streams
  • Download, email and share notes and reminders

Educational Planner Features

  • Create interactive multi-media based lessons and virtual courses
  • Engage learners in real-time and update content and learning activities dynamically
  • Set default notes and reminders for learners
  • Assign and automatically index related educational content
  • Track and assess detailed learner activity

Register today and gain access to the all-new curriculum-based Virtual Courses and collaborative learning tools! will be available beginning in the second half of 2013!

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