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When we were asked to write this book for our society, we were both flattered and humbled. Once the initial excitement died down, the daunting task of convincing some of the top leaders in our field to invest their time and share their secrets and techniques, which they have acquired and honed over decades of work, became clear. Spurred forward by realizing the importance of making our specialty known and respected in this field and being constantly approached by a growing number of graduating dermatology residents and fellows eager to perform blepharoplasties and face lifts, we became convinced of this book’s importance. MORE

We took over from David Sabiston and Frank Spencer one of the classic textbooks in cardiothoracic surgery 20 years ago. It has been completely updated since then. The new edition contains the latest information for all cardiothoracic surgeons. The percutaneous valve repair and replacement and standard and minimally invasive coronary revascularization content are totally rewritten. All other sections have been updated with the newest information by experts in the field. MORE

More minimally invasive approaches described. More multi disciplinary treatments described. More technological innovation. MORE

With climate change, urbanization, human migrations, poverty, and other social determinants, the geographic distribution of tropical infectious diseases is accelerating, and these diseases are emerging or re-emerging.  Manson’s is at the forefront of the new field of “climate health.” MORE