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The study of human anatomy and physiology represent the corner stones of every medical student’s introduction of the human body. Human anatomy is the foundation upon which the education of our medical, dental, and allied health science students is built. Central to that study of anatomy is an appreciation of the structure/function of the human body and, by its very nature, is a visual science that is reinforced by lecture and laboratory dissection and/or demonstration. MORE

Dr. Hammoud: Coaching is emerging as an intriguing framework to provide professional development and assistance to learners in medical education. While long used in the business world, and more recently in physician circles, coaching is relatively new to the medical trainee world. Literature is still emerging regarding the best coaching practices that will lead to the best outcomes for our learners. To fill this gap, we offer this book. In addition to covering coaching models and competencies, this book illustrates the important relationship of coaching to the development of the master adaptive learner and offers a practical framework for educators and administrators who are forming and optimizing coaching programs in their own schools. MORE

Clough Shelton: The new publication is the fifth edition of Otologic Surgery. We felt that our field needed an authoritative text on this subject when we started the first edition. This book fills that need and covers the breadth of the surgical treatments used in Otology and Neurotology. Moises Arriaga: Having a single location with up-to-date surgical techniques written by world-renowned experts is necessary for reference for experienced surgeons and as a teaching tool for medical students, residents, and fellows.  Richard Gurgel: The book, Otologic Surgery, now in its fifth edition, is the defining book in our field. The topics covered represent the full spectrum of our specialty. The assortment of invited authors represents some of the preeminent experts in the world. With the updated edition, cutting-edge information is presented in a format that is accessible to learners. MORE

Debra L. Beck, MSc, and Eugene Braunwald, MD On December 20, 2020, a national vaccination campaign against Covid-19 was started in Israel based on a two-dose regimen of the BNT162b2 messenger RNA vaccine (Pfizer-BioNTech). By May 31, 2021, approximately 5.12 million Israelis had been fully immunized against Covid-19. Mevorach and colleagues retrospectively reviewed data forMORE