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News & Articles > Q&A with Michael Weisman, MD co-editor of Rheumatology, 8th Edition

Interview with Michael Weisman, MD

What does Rheumatology, 8th Edition add to the field?   

It is important to write definitive chapters in our field, get young people excited about Rheumatology, and parade our specialty to others. We need to have the “last word” in print, avoiding drug company bias and social media garbage. When our Rheumatologists see our names on this volume they can know, with certainty, that the information is up to date, thoughtful, definitive, and carefully crafted. Unlike exhaustive systematic reviews in journal publications, our book uses the experience of the authors critically analyze the relevant work in the field.  

What chapter or topic covered in the new edition are you most excited about?    

The chapters on the clinical evaluation of patients’ signs and symptoms are the best we have to offer. How to appraise the literature is particularly valuable.   

Who will find the greatest value from this book and why?   

The greatest value will be for those individuals who want an overview of a topic from a critical appraisal point of view. Someone from entirely outside the field of Rheumatology will find the book very worthwhile. 

What new ideas, practices, or procedures do you hope your readers take away from Rheumatology, 8th Edition?   

The concept of “big data” is certainly overblown and I hope readers will get that message. 

What problem do you hope the future generation of your specialty will be able to solve?    

If we can teach our readers to think critically and not rely on guidelines for their answers, this will be a big step. 

Is there anything else about the book you’d like to say?   

I hope we can continue to create new editions because that is necessary. 

About the Authors 

Michael H. Weisman  

I am a Rheumatologist from Los Angeles and am fiercely proud of being an Angeleno. 

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