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News & Articles > This Tuesday – Insight Series Webinar: Competencies and the Effective Physician

Elsevier’s Insight Series Webinar is almost here! This Tuesday, April 30th at 5pm EST, editor of the Competency-Based Companion series, Dr. Barry Mann, along with several other distinguished physicians and educators, will be discussing new resources and approaches to clinical problems using the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) competencies. During this roundtable discussion, you will walk through actual cases to learn techniques on how to identify high-yield core knowledge and must-know information.

If you are a resident, faculty member, medical student, residency director or a clinician working to implement and understand the ACGME guidelines, you should be in attendance!

Those that attend the webinar are eligible to win a Competency-Based Companion of their choice! Register for the Insight Series Webinar here.

Learn more about the authors and roundtable presenters:

Medicine: A Competency-Based Companion: Jessica L. Israel, MD and Alan R. Tunkel, MD, PhD, MACP

Obstetrics and Gynecology: A Competency-Based Companion: Michael Belden, MD

Pediatrics: A Competency-Based Companion: Maureen C. McMahon, MD and Glenn R. Stryjewski, MD, MPH

Surgery: A Competency-Based Companion: Barry D. Mann, MD, FACS

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