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“I just love discovering something new that I know will work well in the book. It’s been a big adventure for me and something I just love doing.” -Andrew Gray, MD 

About the Atlas of Ultrasound-Guided Regional Anesthesia

Atlas of Ultrasound-Guided Regional Anesthesia, 3rd Edition details procedures to control pain management, from the basics of ultrasound, to the physics of it, to the physiology and underlying peripheral nerve anatomy. The book then covers everything from the interventions to common block procedures where we inject local anesthetics or other drugs to control pain.

There are other books out there on this topic, but this book is unique. It has incredibly detailed sonograms that highlight the important nuances of ultrasound and anatomy. It also covers the fundamental principles. But, we’ve gone further. We also have a whole set of videos that detail various procedures. There is a very dynamic nature to the procedures, which is reflected well in the videos. There is also a lot of basic material in the book on ultrasound anatomy — how to identify the basic structures in order to do procedures. The book has a strong emphasis on safety, which is one of our cardinal missions in anesthesia — how to make these procedures more safe and more effective.

What It’s Like to Edit a Medical Textbook

I love working on the Atlas of Ultrasound-Guided Regional Anesthesia. I love the correlation between the procedures that we do and the underlying anatomy, the anatomic variation, the things that can occur during these procedures. I just love learning more about the anatomy and all its variations. When we do these procedures, we think about how to include what we do into the book to help people. It’s something I’ve always found fascinating. I just love discovering something new that I know will work well in the book. It’s been a big adventure for me and something I just love doing.

New in the Field of Anesthesiology

The whole field is interesting. At every American Society of Anesthesiologists meeting, I learn about a new procedure or a new machine. More technology constantly comes out and it’s a huge mission to keep everybody up-to-date on these important procedures. With all of the procedures, our biggest challenge is incorporating it all into the Atlas.


Andrew Gray, MD, PhD is the pioneer of ultrasound guidance in regional anesthesia. He is the leading U.S. authority on this technique. He is a Professor of Clinical Anesthesia at University of California, San Francisco. Dr. Gray has published numerous papers on technique improvement and teaches several courses at UCSF and at major national meetings. He is an editor of the Atlas of Ultrasound-Guided Regional Anesthesia, 2nd Edition.