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“A lot of people commented that Neuroradiology is the funniest neuroradiology text that they’ve ever read.” – Dr. David Yousem

Humor, Poetry, and Neuroradiology

The unique feature of Neuroradiology, is that my co-editor, Dr. Robert Grossman, and I really put our personality into the first edition. A lot of people commented that it’s the funniest neuroradiology book that they’ve ever read. We incorporated jokes, limericks, poetry, and alliteration. We tried to help residents remember the material through mnemonics using humor and poetry. The third edition is a little straighter than the first and second editions. I took some of the humor out, but not all of it. I still tried to add a unique flavor and a little bit of a style to the teaching points. The third edition has my name listed as the first author, which is different from previous editions. It was fun taking control of the project and orienting it more towards my taste. We also brought on a new author, Dr. Robert Zimmerman, who wrote the chapter on stroke and vascular disease of the brain.


We thought that a case-based approach for Neuroradiology would appeal to students. They can read a few cases at a time when they have free time, rather than sitting down with a didactic book. The case-based approach also is similar to the boards, which is very much case-based as opposed to strictly knowledge-based. We wanted to show students a lot of cases. As radiologists, we learn pattern recognition by seeing many cases. That was basis for including a lot of cases in a relatively small book. We give short bursts of knowledge that the residents can flip through when they have short periods of time.

The Business of Radiology

We realized that the vast majority of radiologists are in private practice. So, Socioeconomics of Neuroimaging is oriented to private practice radiologists who are involved in the business of radiology, as opposed to those of us in the ivory tower who are somewhat shielded from the business side. Although it is written by academicians, we have contributions from people in private practice. The goal was to provide material for both people in private practice to help them understand their business and residents and fellows to help them as they finish their training and begin their first job. The book also appeals to the business administrator. Many radiology business men or women started as hospital administrators or worked in health policy. This book, which is specific to the radiology community, is for those who might have prior experience elsewhere, but who want to know about the radiology business.


David Yousem, MD, MBA is Director of Neuroradiology and a Professor of Radiology at the Johns Hopkins Hospital. He is a noted authority on disorders of the brain, spine, head and neck, olfaction, cranial neuropathies, and neurodegeneration.

Dr. Yousem has served editor of several medical books and health journals, and has authored more than 160 articles in peer-reviewed journals, and more than 50 book chapters. He is the author of Socioeconomics of Neuroimaging, An Issue of Neuroimaging Clinics and lead author of Neuroradiology, 3rd Edition, a volume in the Requisites in Radiology series. He has been President of the American Society of Neuroradiology and past-President of the ASNR. He is also active in the American Society of Head and Neck Radiology, and the Association of Program Directors of Radiology.