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Authors > Nathaniel H. Robin, MD

Nathaniel H. Robin, MD is Professor of Genetics and Director of the Genetics Residency Programs at the University of Alabama, Birmingham. He is a co-author of Pediatric Cancer Genetics.


Dr. Robin completed his MD and a pediatric residency at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. He was a clinical fellow in the Division of Human Genetics and Molecular Biology and the Division of Biochemical Genetics at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia . He is board certified in Pediatrics and Genetics.


Dr. Robin’s specialty in Genetics encompasses adult-onset genetic diseases, cancer genetic evaluation, dysmorphology, and genetic syndrome delineation. His clinical practice is particularly focused on clefting and craniofacial genetics, and genetic cardiovascular disease, including Marfan syndrome. As an educator, Dr. Robin is the director of the genetics residency programs, and is also very active in the pre-clinical education at the UAB School of Medicine, where he is co-director for the Fundamentals I module and lectures throughout years 1-4. He is also past President of the Medical Genetics Residency Directors’ Group.

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