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Authors > Stephen B. McMahon, PhD

Stephen B. McMahon, PhD, FMedSci, is a neurobiologist at King’s College London, where he is the Sherrington Professor of Physiology and Director of the London Pain Consortium. He is also involved with research at the Wolfson Centre for Age-Related Disease at King’s College. Dr. McMahon is a co-author of the highly regarded Wall & Melzack’s Textbook of Pain, 6th Edition.

Dr. McMahon has a long standing interest in spinal cord function in health and disease with a particular emphasis on spinal sensory systems. His current work on spinal cord injury focuses on promoting regeneration with neurotrophic factors and neutralizing inhibitory factors associated with the glial scar. Dr. McMahon’s research interests also include behavioral, electrophysiological, and anatomical studies of somatosensory systems, particularly pain; and actions of trophic factors on adult sensory neurons.

Dr. McMahon is on the editorial board of several neuroscience- and pain-related journals, and has been published extensively. He is an elected fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences and has received the Grunenthal prize.

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