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Authors > Withrow Gil Wier, PhD

Withrow Gil Wier, PhD is Professor of Physiology at the University of Maryland School of Medicine in Baltimore. He is a co-author of Cardiovascular Physiology, 10th Edition.

After receiving a PhD in physiology from the University of Utah in Salt Lake City,  Dr. Wier did post-doctoral work with Dr. John R. Blinks in the Department of Pharmacology at the Mayo Foundation in Rochester, Minnesota. Following this, he then joined the faculty of the University of Maryland at Baltimore, where his research has been funded continuously by NIH. In addition to being a “calciumologist,” he teaches cardiovascular physiology to first-year medical students. He is also on the faculty of the interdepartmental training programs Membrane Biology and Muscle Biology, and is a member of the University of Maryland Graduate School.  Dr. Wier is also an adjunct professor at Xi’an Jiatong University, China.

In Dr. Wier’s laboratory, the current focus in on using high resolution imaging to study the role of Ca2+ in adrenergic control mechanisms in intact, pressurized resistance arteries. By obtaining high resolution images of molecular messengers within the walls of intact pressurized arteries, it is hoped that a new, more integrated view of the cellular and inter-cellular mechanisms that control vascular resistance can be obtained.

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