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Dr. Anastasi has worked in hematopathology for over 25 years and is currently the director of the clinical hematology laboratory and a pathology professor at the University of Chicago. He is an author of Hematology, 6th Edition.
Dr. Armitage received his MD from the University of Nebraska where he is currently professor of internal medicine in the Department of Hematology & Oncology. He is co-author of Abeloff’s Clinical Oncology, 4th Edition.

James Mills Barbeau, MD, JD is Associate Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Brown University; Director of Clinical Pathology, Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Lifespan Academic Medical Center, Rhode Island Hospital in Providence, Rhode Island. MORE

Edward J. Benz, Jr, MD is president and chief executive officer of Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, CEO of Dana-Farber/Partners Cancer Care as well as co-author of Hematology, 6th Edition.
Dr. Heslop is an innovative researcher and a co-editor of the text, Hematology, 6th Edition. She is also a professor of medicine & pediatrics at Baylor College of Medicine and President of the Foundation for Accreditation of Cell Therapy.