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Dr. Avidan attended medical school at the George Washington University and currently serves as Director of the UCLA Sleep Center and is highly involved in student learning. Dr. Avidan is the author of Review of Sleep Medicine, 3rd Edition.
Dr. Barkoukis received her MD from Ohio State University and is currently an associate professor of internal medicine at the University of Nebraska. She is the lead editor of the Review of Sleep Medicine, 3rd Edition.
Dr. Berry earned his MD at the University of Florida, Gainesville where he is currently a pulmonary, critical care and sleep medicine professor as well as an author of the textbook, Fundamentals of Sleep Medicine.
Dr. Chokroverty received his MD from the University of Calcutta, India and is currently a neurology and sleep medicine professor at the New Jersey Neuroscience Institute. He is author of Sleep Disorders in Medicine, 3rd Edition.
Dr. Dement is one of the founding fathers of sleep medicine as well as co-editor of Principles and Practice of Sleep Medicine, 5th Edition and Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Stanford University School of Medicine.