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There has been a complete re-write, nearly 90 new authors have joined us and more than 10% of the chapters are new. The major scientific advances since the previous edition have been highlighted. Since the 1st edition, we have become truly international, with most of the editorial team being from outside North America, and a true focus on global paediatric pulmonology. MORE

Abul Abbas, MBBS, is a professor and chair of the Pathology Department at the University of California and is an author of the best-selling text, Cellular and Molecular Immunology, 7th Edition.
Dr. Abrahams earned an MD from Universidad De Salamanca-Facultad De Medicina, Spain and is the Medical Director of Pathology Quality & Safety at Memorial Regional Hospital, Hollywood, Florida. He is co-author of Practical Renal Pathology.
Dr. Aster received his MD from the University of Michigan School of Medicine and is currently a pathology professor at Harvard Medical School as well as a pathologist at Brigham and Women's Hospital. He is an author of Hematopathology.
Dr. Atkins earned her MD from the University of Vermont, Burlington and is currently an assistant pathology professor at the University of Virginia Medical Center as well as editor of Practical Breast Pathology.