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Dr. Bennett is a prominent editor of Mandell, Douglas, and Bennett's Principles & Practice of Infectious Diseases, 7th Edition. He is currently Director of the Infectious Diseases Training Program at the National Institutes of Health.
Dr. Cherry received his MD from the University of Vermont and is currently a professor of pediatrics at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA and is co-author of Feigin and Cherry’s Textbook of Pediatric Infectious Diseases.
Dr. Dolin is one of the world’s leading experts on retroviral infections and is currently a professor of medicine, microbiology and molecular genetics at Harvard Medical School as well as the lead editor of the text, AIDS Therapy, 3rd Edition.
Dr. Guerrant is a graduate of the UVA School of Medicine and is currently an international medicine professor at the University of Virginia. He is an author of numerous infectious disease texts, including Tropical Infectious Diseases, 3rd Edition.
Dr. Jong is an editor of Netter’s Infectious Disease as well as Emeritus Clinical Professor of Medicine at the University of Washington. She was also one of the founders of the University of Washington Travel & Tropical Medicine Service.