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Dr. Standring is a prominent anatomist who has served as President of the Peripheral Nerve Society and the Anatomical Society. She is Emeritus Professor of Anatomy at King’s College London and edior-in-chief of Gray's Anatomy, 41st Edition.
Dr. Stein earned an MD from the University of Toronto Medical School where he is currently a professor of Ophthalmology. He is also an Attending Ophthalmologist at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto as well as lead author of The Ophthalmic Assistant.
Dr. Stein earned his MD from the University of Toronto where he is currently an assistant ophthalmology professor. He is also Medical Director of the Bochner Eye Institute and co-author of The Ophthalmic Assistant, 9th Edition.
Dr. Stern received his MD from New York University and is currently the first endowed professor of psychosomatic medicine at Harvard Medical School. He is author of Massachusetts General Hospital Handbook of General Hospital Psychiatry.
Dr. Stevens earned his PhD from the Mayo Graduate School of Medicine and is currently a pharmacology professor at Oklahoma State University-Center for Health Sciences, Tulsa and co-author of the textbook Pharmacology, 4th Edition.