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Agnes Fogo, MD, is a pathology, medicine and pediatrics professor at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, and the co-author of Diagnostic Atlas of Renal Pathology, 2nd Edition.
Dr. Gilbert received his MD from Washington University in St. Louis and is currently a nephrology professor at Tufts University School of Medicine as well as co-author of the textbook, Primer on Kidney Diseases.

Jonathan Himmelfarb, MD is Professor of Medicine, Joseph W. Eschbach Endowed Chair for Kidney Research; Director, Kidney Research Institute, Department of Medicine, Division of Nephrology at the University of Washington in Seattle. MORE

Dr. Johnson is a internationally recognized researcher, author an editor of numerous nephrology texts, including Comprehensive Clinical Nephrology. He is currently a member of the American Society for Clinical Investigation.
Claudio Ronco, MD is Director, Department of Nephrology, Dialysis and Transplantation, International Renal Research Institute at St. Bortolo Hospital in Vicenza, Italy. He is a co-author of Critical Care Nephrology, 3rd Edition.   Professor Ronco received his medical degree from the University of Padua, Italy. He specialized in nephrology at the University of Padua andMORE