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Dr. Pfenninger is a well-known, award-winning medical author of Pfenninger and Fowler's Procedure for Primary Care. He is currently President and Director of The Medical Procedures Center, PC.

Anthony J. Phillips, MPhil, FBOA, HD, FAAO, FBCO, FVCO, FCLSA, DCLP practices in the Department of Ophthalmology, Flinders Medical Centre and The Women’s and Children’s Hospital, Adelaide, Australia. He is a co-author of Contact Lenses, 6th Edition. MORE

Dr. Pillai received his MD from Christian Medical College in Vellore, India and is currently a professor at Harvard Medical School and Associate Geneticist at Massachusetts General Hospital. He is co-author of Basic Immunology, 4th Edition.

J. Eric Piña -Garza, MD is Director, Pediatric Epilepsy at Centennial Children’s Hospital; Department of Neurology, Tri-Star Medical Group Children’s Specialists in Nashville, Tennessee. He is the lead editor of Fenichel’s Clinical Pediatric Neurology, 8th Edition.   MORE

Dr. Plotkin is an award-winning expert within the field of infectious disease who helped develop the rubella vaccine. He is currently Emeritus Professor at the University Pennsylvania and editor of the textbook, Vaccines, 6th Edition.