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Mukesh G. Harisinghani, MD is Instructor of Radiology, Harvard Medical School, Assistant Radiologist, Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. He is a co-author of . MORE

Dr. Harvey earned her MD from the University of Arizona and is currently a professor and Head of the Breast Imaging Division at the University of Virginia as well as co-author of Making the Diagnosis: A Practical Guide to Breast Imaging.
Dr. Herring is the Radiology Residency Program Director and Vice President of Radiology at the Albert Einstein Medical Center, Philadelphia as well as author of Learning Radiology, 2nd Edition.
Dr. Ho is an editor of numerous texts within the field of radiology, including the textbook, Cardiovascular Imaging. He is currently a professor and Vice Chair of the radiology department at the Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences.
Dr. Iskandrian is Professor of Medicine and Radiology and the Director of the Nuclear Cardiology Program at the University of Alabama-Birmingham as well as the author of the Atlas of Nuclear Cardiology.