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Dr. Benzel has served on the review and editorial boards of numerous journals within the field of neurosurgery. He is a professor at the Case Western Reserve University as well as author of Spine Surgery, 3rd Edition.
Dr. Benzon holds his MD from Far Eastern University and is currently Chief of the Division of Pain Medicine at Northwestern Memorial Hospital as well as author of Essentials of Pain Medicine, 3rd Edition.
Keith Berend, MD - Orthopaedics & Arthroscopy Author
Dr. Berend is an author of Partial Knee Arthroplasty as well as an award-winning researcher and orthopaedic surgeon. He is currently Director of the Division of Adult Reconstruction at Ohio State University.

Carol A. Bernstein, MD, MAT is Associate Professor of Psychiatry, DIO and Senior Assistant Dean for GME; Vice Chair for Graduate Medical Education and Director, Residency Training in Psychiatry, New York University School of Medicine. MORE

Dr. Berry earned his MD at the University of Florida, Gainesville where he is currently a pulmonary, critical care and sleep medicine professor as well as an author of the textbook, Fundamentals of Sleep Medicine.