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Dr. Sadda received his medical degree from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and is currently a professor of ophthalmology at Doheny Eye Institute, USC Keck School of Medicine in Los Angeles. He is co-author of Retina, 5th Edition.
Andrew Schachat, MD, is an editor of the text, Retina, 5th Edition as well as Vice Chairman for Clinical Affairs and Director of Clinical Research at the Cole Eye Institute at the Cleveland Clinic.
Dr. Singh is an editor or reviewer of numerous national and international journals as well as editor of the textbook, Ophthalmic Ultrasonography. He is the Director of Ophthalmic Oncology in the Cole Eye Institute at the Cleveland Clinic.
Dr. Spaeth is a Research Professor at Wills Eye Institute in Philadelphia who is recognized around the world as a foremost authority on glaucoma. He is also an author of the text, Ophthalmic Surgery, 4th Edition.
Dr. Stein earned an MD from the University of Toronto Medical School where he is currently a professor of Ophthalmology. He is also an Attending Ophthalmologist at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto as well as lead author of The Ophthalmic Assistant.