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Dr. Aster received his MD from the University of Michigan School of Medicine and is currently a pathology professor at Harvard Medical School as well as a pathologist at Brigham and Women's Hospital. He is an author of Hematopathology.
Dr. Atkins earned her MD from the University of Vermont, Burlington and is currently an assistant pathology professor at the University of Virginia Medical Center as well as editor of Practical Breast Pathology.
Dr. Auerbach earned his MD from Duke University and is Redlich Family Professor of Surgery in the Division of Emergency Medicine at Stanford University School of Medicine. He is the editor of Wilderness Medicine.
Dr. Avidan attended medical school at the George Washington University and currently serves as Director of the UCLA Sleep Center and is highly involved in student learning. Dr. Avidan is the author of Review of Sleep Medicine, 3rd Edition.

Dimitri T. Azar, MD, BA is Dean, College of Medicine, University of Illinois; Field Chair of Ophthalmologic Research; and Professor of Ophthalmology, Bioengineering, and Pharmacology at the University of Illinois Eye and Ear Infirmary in Chicago. He is the author of Refractive Surgery, 3rd Edition. MORE