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Dr. Cibas is a pathology professor at Harvard Medical School and director of the Division of Cytopathologyat the Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston as well as an author of Cytology, 3rd Edition.
David X. Cifu, MD is Professor and Chairman, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, Virginia; National Director for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Services, Office of Rehabilitation and Prosthetic Services, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Washington, DC.
William Cioffi, Jr., MD – General Surgery Author
William Cioffi, Jr., MD is Surgeon-in-Chief of the Department of Surgery at Rhode Island Hospital and has served as Professor and Chair of the Department of Surgery at Brown Medical School. He is recognized as a leader in trauma and critical care. He is a well-published author in the field and is an author of AtlasMORE

Philip B. Clement, MD is Consultant Pathologist, Department of Pathology, Vancouver General Hospital and Emeritus Professor of Pathology, University of British Columbia in Vancouver. He is a co-author of Atlas of Gynecologic Surgical Pathology, 4th Edition. MORE

Michelle M. Cloutier, MD is Professor of Pediatrics, University of Connecticut School of Medicine in Farmington, Connecticut and Director Emeritus, Asthma Center, The Children’s Center for Community Research, Connecticut Children’s Medical Center. She is the author of Respiratory Physiology, 2nd Edition. MORE