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Dr. Siegel earned his MD from Albany Medical College and a Professor of Clinical Dermatology State University of New York at Downstate, as well as co-editor of Surgery of the Skin.
Dr. Soyer is an international authority on mole and melanoma screening and chair of the Dermatology Research Centre at the University of Queensland School of Medicine. He is co-author of Dermoscopy, 2nd Edition.
Susan C. Taylor, MD - Dermatology Author
Dr. Taylor completed her medical education at Harvard University and is currently an assistant clinical dermatology professor ar Columbia University as well as lead author of Treatments for Skin of Color.

Antonella Tosti, MD is Fredric Brandt, MD Professor of Clinical Dermatology, University of Miami Health System in Miami, Florida. She is the author of Dr. Tosti is a worldwide recognized expert in hair and nail disorders and contact dermatitis. MORE

Richard Usatine, MD - an Elsevier Author
Dr. Usatine is the founder and medical director of the University Health System Skin Clinic in San Antonio as well as a professor of dermatology. He is the lead author of Dermatologic and Cosmetic Procedures in Office Practice.